October 16, 2021

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The Pains of a One-sided Love

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Love is beyond the feelings or physical attraction which people think of it to be, it is deeper than we think.
The Pains of a One-sided Love

Love is beyond the feelings or physical attraction which people think of it to be, it is deeper than we think. The act of love is covered in understanding, trust, honesty, sacrifices, and being more passionate over a person. When a person loves a particular object, they become passionate about that abject by giving all their time like wise their attention in achieving the best out of the object. It is incredible how love can be, love is a beautiful affection towards an individual that gives them a sense of belonging, joy and being cared for. Stories have been shared, histories also told by our parents or guardians of how love has created peace among people, and how living with each other has been as a bond of love.

The bond of love between people

The bond of love between people is a connection that is not to be broken because of the sweetness, happiness, affection that comes with it. Showing love to one another is the greatest thing that can happen to a man, humans desire love, so they seek for it. This becomes more beautiful when love is expressed between two individuals who are genuine in what is felt and how ready these individuals are to give in their best. Falling in love and also loved in return brings out the true color of love that makes a person hunger for marriage. Matrimony with the presence of genuine love becomes stronger in fighting the flaws of both spouses.

Marriage can only happen between two

Marriage can only happen between two people who have agreed to live together as one in holy matrimony. The absence of love in marriage, either as a result of being forced into the engagement that led to the marriage or because of other reasons end up a disaster for both partners. Instead of enjoying the joy in marriage, both partners tend to suffer either psychologically, emotionally or physically which has made divorce or broken homes is on the increase. The causes of divorce or a broken home can be linked to other reasons, but lack of love is a key factor that is likely to break homes.

The Pains of a One-sided Love

A one-sided love cannot be an option, people desire to be loved in return even as they show theirs to partners, spouses, relations or family members. One-sided love tends to disrupt the minds of those who are affected, it cannot be imagined that an individual who loves another gives the best in all aspect, gave attention, faithfulness, humility, sacrifice, affection, etc but in return gets nothing close to what was given. Some individuals have gone through depression as a result of the frustration and pains that they got instead of the love they gave. What a one-sided love offers is pain, frustration, anger, emotional breakdown, etc, such can make a person devastated leading to either a psychological problem or depression.

The case of not being loved in return can cause overthinking, which leads to an unstable mind, making a person unable to concentrate on their daily activities or work. A love that is one-sided is more painful than not even falling in love because the other partner is not doing that which should be done, and does not get commitment or show the love to those who love them. This single act makes them feel like love is not worth given a chance neither are they capable of getting someone who can love them back. That is to say, one sided love can demoralize an individual, making an individual who had experienced such to reduce the way in which love is professed or shown.

Taking the responsibilities of love can be demanding, that is why we are advised to go for partners that can understand them well by accepting the flaws that might be found. Perfection is what we strive to achieve, so expecting an individual to be perfect is impossible, but walking together in love create much more in conquering the challenges that comes with staying in love. One sided Love is hurtful and deceptive, such experience is not the best, learn to love genuinely by staying off from a partner whom you cannot accommodate nor love. Rushing into relationships or Marriage without the certainty that the man or woman is meant for you is a mistake that needs not to be made, go for whom the heart loves and chooses.

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