October 16, 2021

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Some Reasons why Scientists Fight With God Over His Existence

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The existence of God is one of the greatest mysteries that trouble atheists.
Some Reasons why Scientists Fight With God Over His Existence

The existence of God is one of the greatest mysteries that trouble atheists. Science scholars and other renowned philosophers find it difficult to accept the existence of God. They seem to have an explanation for everything that happens around the universe. Science is rooted in facts; they go through scientific procedures in the form of a hypothesis before establishing theories. It believes so much in facts and whatever can’t be proven may not be acceptable by science. The whole essence of science is to establish theories that are based on facts and figures. Some major scientific theories have proven to be true even decades after.

One of the reasons why science

One of the reasons why science doesn’t accept the existence of God is because it can’t be proven. The reason for this is because God is not a concept that can be studied. He is a supernatural personality, some philosophers believe God is a concept and that is why many find it difficult to accept his existence. Science mostly focuses research on what can be seen or felt like physical objects and elements that exist within the universe. If something can be seen like trees, animals, the moon, sun, and other planetary body’s there won’t be an issue to accept these things do exist. There are other things that can’t be seen like heat, oxygen, temperatures, and air but, they can be felt. A scientist can analyze these things because they can be felt though they are not visible.

The existence of God can’t be

The existence of God can’t be proven or analyzed since God can neither be seen nor felt like the elements listed above. This is where some have a problem since God is a spirit and spiritual things can’t be analyzed using physical elements. But, there are several factors that can prove that God exists and is not a concept according to some philosophers.

Some Reasons why Scientists Fight With God Over His Existence

First, every human being on the face of this planet has a thinking faculty. Science has not been able to say precisely where thoughts come from. A human being can think of the past, present, and future but, nobody can tell where those thoughts are originating. This shows that even though thoughts can be seen or felt they do exist. If this is possible then the existence of God shouldn’t be a big issue for scientists.

Another reason why science doesn’t seem to agree with the existence of God is probably because of the presence of evil on earth. Some questioned the integrity of God because they wonder why a good God will allow evil to thrive on the earth. Philosophers feel if God exists why can he allow so much evil on the earth, the accidents, the killings, the death of children who are still innocent. This and many more some of the challenging questions that plaque scientists. The word of God which is a manual for man provides answers to these questions. Atheists also have an issue believing in God’s Word as being authentic and infallible.

The Bible can be considered as one of the mysterious books ever on the planet. There are outstanding discoveries that were made which the Bible spoke about centuries before ever being discovered. For instance, the spherical nature of the solar system was documented in Isaiah 40:22 talking about God seating above the cycle of the universe. Century’s later, scientists discovered that the earth is truly spherical in shape. Again, according to Job 27:6, the Bible records that God hangs the earth on nothing whatsoever; this was another clue for them to discover the solar system which hangs in space.

The Bible has provided accurate facts that have helped researchers to make some astonishing discoveries about the universe. If the Bible is authentic based on the proven discoveries that can be traced back to it when then do scientists still dispute with God?. The pride of science is one of the major factors why science can’t accept the existence of God. But, there are some like Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein who believe in the existence of God. In fact, Albert Said “science without religion is lame” while Charles Darwin said he has never been an atheist denying the existence of God. These are two great and renowned scholars that ever lived with great discoveries in science.

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