October 16, 2021

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Should Graphic Design Include Printing Services?

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To gain the trust of your customers, as a graphic designer, your clients must find your creation informative, and captivating.
Should Graphic Design Include Printing Services?

To gain the trust of your customers, as a graphic designer, your clients must find your creation informative, and captivating. You may specialize in creating handmade graphics if you have a talent in painting, or better yet, use computer software. A graphic designer’s utmost joy should be to create better awareness and to make their organization more visible, hence improving their organization’s worth. Therefore, they must be able to use their work tools such as color, font style, shape, animations, pictures effectively because this will go a long way to either promote their organizations or tarnish their image. A good graphics outcome must have passed through many stages including teamwork with other experts like artists as well as printers to bring out a great result.

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This information can be sent to the print house or can be circulated digitally. Other areas of graphic design include broadcast, web design, multimedia, and content creation. As a graphic designer, you determine the content of your brief and communicate them effectively to your client, so they can know what your specific roles are. Normally, designers work closely with other professionals, like those in the printing media, and creators of posters or signboards. Though as a graphic designer, you may include printing services, this is solely dependent on your schedule and ability to combine both tasks without them interfering with your main work.

Should Graphic Design Include Printing Services?

As a graphic designer, you can choose your specific roles, and depending on what you want, you should be ready to spell them out to the company that hires you. You may be a creative director, where you manage a team that is responsible for creating visuals for product publicity as well as branding. Again, you may be an art director and production manager where you coordinate artists, to make sure the client’s work is finished on time. Here, you have to control artworks to ensure efficiency and low production cost. Graphics design also involves working with three-dimensional models to create designs or to edit images. Similarly, infographics are an important aspect of graphic designs, where you pass information through graphics.

However, designers that work alone do not offer printing services alongside their normal services. Rather, they work closely with reliable printing media to recommend them to their clients when needed. The designers would only deliver their work in printable PDF format which can be easily printed out by most printers. Another reason why a designer may not be able to deliver a printed product is due to distance. If a designer has clients in different parts of the world, this may include more cost on the part of the client if he wants a hard copy of the design. This process could also be tedious and time-consuming because delivery costs, with days, will always vary.

In cases like this, it is wise for clients to accept soft copies that they can easily print locally within their country instead of paying for international shipping. Yet, large graphic design companies do include printing services, especially when dealing with clients who are willing to outsource the whole process from start to finish.

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