October 16, 2021

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Reasons Why Print Design Is Not Dead

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Every year there is a discussion about print design and whether the industry is dead or going stronger.
Reasons Why Print Design Is Not Dead

Every year there is a discussion about print design and whether the industry is dead or going stronger. The truth is somewhat complicated because as much as there are some branches of the print design industry dying, some already gone, others are getting more popular. There is a rise in the number of start-ups coming up. With most falling under the small business umbrella, print design is used more aggressively than before.

Though the more traditional print media

Though the more traditional print media such as newspaper ads are not as effective as they used to be, there are other opportunities in the print design space for freelancers and small businesses. It’s not the same for big advertising companies that have gone into digital marketing like websites and other internet advertising industries. There are reasons behind the print design industry not dying anytime soon. The following are the reasons why print design is not a dead industry.

Reasons Why Print Design Is Not Dead

Out of home advertising remains alive and kicking. Signage and billboards are still in demand by the same clients that have always used them. Print design as an advertising method will not die anytime soon though there have been a couple of changes in the making. Though there are some digital elements added in the advertisements, designers are still using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign the same way they did a decade or so before. Subway posters, bus wraps, other prints or sheets are still in heavy use in different industries and are not declining in the foreseeable future.

People are now more inclined towards self-employment as a way to earn income. This incline has seen a rise in small or medium enterprises. To manage the marketing, these enterprises are looking for cheap advertisement methods to build strong brands. From logos, business cards to brochures, and other print marketing materials, the small business owners seek the expertise of print designers.

Judging from this perspective, print design is not dead. It’s an essential service for small business owners who still value handing potential customers or prospects their business cards. This practice gives users a chance to have meaningful conversations with their prospects, something that is rare in advertisements that involve websites. Even in a world full of digital marketing, people still look up to read what’s written on billboards and posters. Yes, digital marketing is growing exponentially, but as long as local businesses are coming up every day, there will be an expansion of print design like never before.

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