October 16, 2021

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All-time favorite short-stories

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It's debatable that nothing beats a twist at the end of a story as it gives readers a jolt.
All-time favorite short-stories

It’s debatable that nothing beats a twist at the end of a story as it gives readers a jolt. Though it may not be sudden, readers still get a surprised reaction of uncertainty. Whether, drama, comedy, romance, or even specify a twist ending would leave the reader craving for more. A good short story with a twist ending is “The interloper” by Saki on how two quarreling families get lost in the woods. Trapped there, they have ample time to sort out their issues and better their situation, resulting from land disputes. Both sides are intent on killing the other but, they call a truce and call their men. Just all seem okay, their calls are so loud that it attracts a wolf, quite the unexpected.

Another captivating short story by Saki

Another captivating short story by Saki is “The Open Window” about how a character, Frampton finds himself in an unlikely situation with his neighbor’s niece. When one afternoon he visits the neighbor, he comes across Vera(niece) who tells him, her uncle and brother-in-law died three years ago while on a hunting trip. But, the hunters had only left that morning, and Vera’s aunt left a window open, so she could see them coming back. While she explains this to Frampton coincidentally the duo return home, Frampton flees, believing they are ghosts. Vera explains to them that their neighbor fled due to his phobia of dogs after seeing their hunting dogs.

William Sydney's

William Sydney’s “Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen” has, an ironical twist revolving around two gentlemen, an old man and a young man called Pete. For the past nine years, on thanksgiving, Pete is treated by the old man a bountiful meal at restaurants. This one particular year, Pete comes from a feast to meet the old man as was their tradition, after meeting they go in different directions. Suddenly, Pete collapses and falls on the sidewalk, he’s later taken to the hospital, later the old man is also brought to the hospital. When diagnosed it was discovered that he was suffering from ‘near starvation’ because he hadn’t eaten for three days.

All-time favorite short-stories

Sydney has multiple stories with a twist ending like the hardly forgettable story titled “The Last Leaf”. Johnsy, a young achieving artist suffering an illness and decides to end it all when the last leaf falls off the tree outside overlooking their window. When! Another artists Behrman whose mind is troubled by lack of an idea hears about Johnsy gets an idea to help the lass. Behrman paints the leaves and sticks the painting outside Johnsy’s window, seeing how strong the leaf is, Johnsy’s will to live is strengthened. Soon she gets better, sadly after an act of shivery Behrman gets pneumonia from spending time in the cold painting.

Shortly after, Behrman dies immortalized in his painting, the last leaf to survive. A story with a sad twist ending is one by Franklin Jones titled “Wish You Were Here” abut an old widow whose garden gnome goes missing. She suddenly gets postcards from all over the planet signed by the gnome on where it is. When she reports this to the authorities they do not believe it since gnomes cannot move by themselves or even write a postcard. A while later, the gnome sends a postcard saying it is ill, afterwards the gnome dies. Dorothy, the old lady is so heartbroken that she dies too as it turned out a character named Norman was the “gnome”.

In another tale “Man From the South” by Roald Dahl about an old man from South America in Jamaica makes a bet with an American. The bet was, if the American could light his lighter 10 times in a row he wins the old man’s Cadillac failure to which he loses one his little finger. Together with a lady and a narrator went up to a room, after lighting it eight times a woman comes in. She then grabs the old man, shake him while speaking in Spanish, telling the four that all the man had was hers. That he was a menace he’d had cut of 47 fingers as well as losing eleven cars.

Of course stated in this piece are just but a few of the many stories with a twist ending. For readers with an appetite for such kind of stories you now have an idea what titles to look for.

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