October 16, 2021

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Advantages Of Using Responsive Web Design For Your Project

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Responsive web design is the latest web development approach focused on designing a web page that can respond to the user's viewpoint.

Responsive web design is the latest web development approach focused on designing a web page that can respond to the user’s viewpoint. This approach enables your website to be viewed by smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and windows without having to resize the screen while navigating through the site manually. It makes use of four core principles: a fluid grid, media queries, flexible images, and a responsive layout. These principles call for the layout content to be in relatives such as percentage and absolute units like pixels. This makes the content to be displayed within their containing element. Below are some top advantages of using responsive design and how it can contribute to your business.

1. Increase in mobile traffic

According to the 2015 report of SimilarWeb, 50% of all internet in the United States were reported to have used smartphones. This accounts for about half of all the traffic worldwide, so this design is a better choice for all businesses seeking growth. Over 90% of all users have a smartphone with the remaining percentage using other devices such as tablets, iPhones, and laptops. The mobile-friendly design gives these people a chance to use their smartphones and other accessories to view your site. This intern increases the traffic on your web page, providing your more income.


2. Improved customer experience

This design provides viewers with good experience with your site. One of the things indicating a good user experience is the time they take on your site. When your web page is not mobile-friendly, viewers find it hard to open it on mobile devices as they will be forced to pinch the screen to resize it manually. Responsive design gives viewers an easy time filling the forms, opening menus and links, and even typing a message on your site. This increases their experience, making them take quality time on your site. Advanced user experience can, therefore, lead to more referrals to your site, and you get to have more customers visiting your site.

3. Reduced maintenance requirements

Websites are majorly designed to reach

Using separate sites for different accessories gives you a cumbersome task when you need to update the information to the site. You will have to browse through all the sites and update them one after the other, and this takes a relatively long time. Updating a responsively designed web page is quite an easy task; you only need to make the change in a single place and automatically update all the sites. For this reason, less work and money are required for maintenance purposes. Responsive web design presents developers with an easy time testing the updates made on the site as the testing only takes place on a single website. Little time is spent on maintenance, conserving enough time for more important things such as content creation and marketing strategies.

4. More conversion rates

Websites are majorly designed to reach potential customers and viewers all over the world. A responsive page gives an easy time while moving from one page to another, unlike when they get redirects to pages compatible with their device. This design is crucial for converting people as they get an easy time opening your web page on whatever method they have. A platform compatible with all accessories attracts several people from your competitors, and you get to have more views. This makes your business stand out and to be preferred by potential customers.


5. Higher search engine optimization

Currently, responsive web design is a top contributor to search engine ranking. The quality time people take on your site and the more views you get from the mobile accessories translate to a higher ranking of your site in the site engine. Using one responsive website rather than having separate platforms for different accessories relieves you from plagiarism issues, which can harm your Google ranking. From April 21, 2015, the Google search engine gave priority to mobile-friendly pages. They have been ranked higher in the search engine compared to other sites. This also has been an added advantage to the responsive web page as they have the top ranking.

6. The increased loading time of your page

Advantages Of Using Responsive Web Design For Your Project

A Responsive web page load very fast on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This saves time while navigating through your pages; therefore, impacting positively on user experience. Research shows that about 53% of all internet users will abandon the sites that take too long to load, which can lead to low ranking on the search engine. Good loading speed encourages visitors to spend more time viewing through other pages of your site. Through this, they interact with links and forms that help you fetch important information concerning your customers, such as what they like and their devices. This allows you to post what your visitors want and can as well increase traffic on your site.

7. Quick and efficient analytics reporting

Knowing your customers in terms of what they like, the time they visit your site, and the devices they use is significant when making informed decisions to improve your business. Using separate websites for different methods gives you a hard time in tracking your customers’ information as you will have to follow every site separately. A responsive platform is efficient when it comes to tracking visitors’ paths; this gives Google Analytics an easy time collecting all the information related to your visitors. It condenses this information into a single page where you can view all your user’s history from one website.

8. flexible switching of devices

Several website users may like to manage the bulk of working with many pages using their smartphone. You may be working on a project, and you want to keep an eye on several pages. This can only be made easy if the web page you are working on if compatible with your phone. Responsive design is currently being used by most programmers worldwide. This allows all internet users to access, get, and view different websites of interest in their smartphones, tablets, and whichever device they have. It has increased the number of internet users, as people can now use their phones efficiently on the internet.

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